Academic Curriculum

Redeemer Lutheran Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten are to Redeemer Lutheran Church and School.  We pride ourselves in a structured program that caters to the needs of the children we serve.  We believe that your child's preschool years are the foundation for success in social, emotional, and academic standards.  Therefore we base our curriculum off of Arizona's State Standards for Preschool as well as the High Scope Curriculum to maintain a balanced approach. 

Our dedicated staff meets together for the purpose of curriculum planning/scaffolding- mapping out your child's education from one year to the next!  Therefore, Ms Clark (3 yr preschool), Ms Stahl (4 yr Pre-K), and Mrs Stam (Kindergarten) can conference and have the best educational strategy and instruction methods in place  to meet the individual needs of your child from year to year.  We firmly believe in teacher and parent cooperation to help your child succeed in his/her education! The following is a detailed list of the curriculum we offer our students.

Word of God

Redeemer uses the Christ Light series and goes through a variety of Bible lessons from the Old and New Testament.  We teach the children the Bible stories, and how they relate and apply to his/her lives today.


Redeemer uses the Saxon Math series and goes through basic numbers, patterning, color, and shape skills. 


Redeemer uses Zanor Bloser curriculum to teach children how to correctly grip a crayon as well as to write uppercase letters.  


Redeemer uses a variety of direct instruction as well as hands-on learning approaches with our reading curriculum "Happily Ever After".  This curriculum precedes "Superkids" language arts program in grades Kinder-2nd.  With the foundation in Pre-Kindergarten, we can set the stepping stones to confident readers!

In addition, Redeemer uses Saxon Language Arts and multiple children's literature to instruct  basics of reading, letter recognition as well as phonics (letter sounds). 

Thematic Units

Redeemer has thematic units on science and social studies to allow children to explore the world around them through hands-on learning.  

Motor Skills

Redeemer uses a variety of activities and games to build fine and gross motor control.

Social Skills

Redeemer has set time periods of child choice activities that allow children to socialize with his/her peers.