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Welcome to the 3rd and 4th grade classroom website. I pray you find this website helpful! Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Please contact me at jessica.seiltz@redeemertucson.com 

Miss Seiltz's Favorite Apps:

1. Motion Math: Pizza!

Running a successful pizzeria requires shopping for ingredients, running the cash register and turning a profit. This entertaining game challenges players to tackle faster and harder multiplication problems as the levels increase.


This app offers millions of subjectspecific flash cards created by teachers and users, plus the ability to easily create unique ones to flip through onscreen. Bottom line: less time messing with markers and index cards, more time actually studying. 

3. Grammar Wonderland

Flying a plane toward proper nouns or feeding a friendly-looking polar bear the correct parts of speech to rack up points makes for an entertaining alternative to the old school practice of diagramming sentences (although I love diagramming haha). 

4. Mindsnack U.S. Geography

Featuring a virtual road trip through the U.S. that will earn players the nickname "Human Atlas," this app covers the greography as well as cultural aspects of all 50 states in a visually fun way and can be customized for beginning, intermediate and advance skill sets.


This app will get your child started coding in just about an hour and it's fun!

6. Khan Academy

The visionary Salman Khan is using technology to transform the way people learn everything from simple math to quantum physics. 

Miss Seiltz's Favorite Learning Websites:

1.PBS Kids

2. Wonderopolis

3. National Geographic Kids

4. Fun Brain

5. Whyville

6. NGA Kids

7. Spelling City


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