Adult Education

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Every week from 9:30 am -10:30 am in the Ministry Center

Join us in the Ministry Center each Sunday about 9:00 am for coffee and refreshments.  You'll find friendly people and a warm welcome before the regular Bible study begins at 9:30 am.  Led by Pastor Mueller, we are currently studying "Prepared to Answer".

Bible Information Class / Bible 101

Another session beginning Sunday, September 9 from 9:30-10:30 am in the Ministry Center Conference Room.


Are you new to Christianity?  Have you every wondered what the Bible really says?  Are you curious about what people from various Christian denominations believe?  Then this is the class for you.

Bible Information Class is a survey class that introduces participants to the Bible.  It introduces you to the true God. It reviews key events in history - creation, the promise of a Savior, Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost - and then ties it all together to explain what it all means.  You'll even learn about baptism and Holy Communion, and about the life God intends for you.

The Bible is our textbook.  You won't need any course materials - they'll all be provided.    Want to learn more?  Let us know!  We'll be happy to answer your questions, or register you for an upcoming session.  Click here to email us, or click here to enroll.

Bible 401 - The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel

Two main teachings of the Bible are Law and Gospel. Crucial to an understanding of your personal forgiveness, to understanding the Bible as a whole, to applying the Bible to daily life is an ability to divide Law and Gospel. Martin Luther once quipped, "Hence, whoever knows well this art of distinguishing between Law and Gospel, him place at the head and call him a doctor of Holy Scripture."

Redeemer will be offering a 401 level Bible study this fall that promises to be very rewarding.  Entitled, "The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel," participants first of all will be equipped in Bible teachings. A special emphasis will be given to practical application.

Beginning September 6, this study will run on Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 8:15 p.m. up to Thanksgiving. This will be the third of four semesters of study on the topic. The fourth semester is planned in spring of 2019.

Participants will need an advance copy of a $25 textbook that is required for the course. There will be reading and study questions to prepare in advance of each class. Preparation time varies from person to person, but will probably take about an hour or two a week. Advance preparation is strongly encouraged to facilitate meaningful discussion during the Thursday class.

If you would like to enroll in the class, please contact Pastor Mueller or the church office.

Are you interested?  We'll be happy to answer your questions, or register you for an upcoming session.  Click here to email us, or click here to enroll

Men's Bible Study

Meets on the second Saturday from 8:00 am - 9:00 am in the Ministry Center Conference Room.


Once a month our men gather on Saturday mornings to work through a topic or a book of the Bible.  The morning begins already at 7:30 am with coffee, danish and fellowship.  By 8:00 am we begin with prayer and dive into the Scriptures.  The format is casual - wear your Saturday usual.  The study is led by Pastor Langebartels, but is conversational and discussion based - you're welcome to ask questions and give input.

Women's Bible Study

Every Tuesday morning from 9:00-10:30 am in the Ministry Center Conference Room.


Women's Bible Class---and so much more!  This class for women---led by women---meets Tuesday mornings from 9-10:30 in the Ministry Center Conference Room.  An hour of Bible study is followed by 30 minutes for prayer requests and socialization.  The class covers a variety of topics and also considers itself a woman's support group where challenges and joys are shared and friends flourish. Second Tuesdays have an additional time for birthdays / anniversaries / celebrations with snacks and additional fellowship.  All women and their friends are welcome to participate at any time.  All materials are provided.


MIdweek Bible Study

Currently meets every Wednesday morning in the Ministry Center Conference Room

We cover a variety of topics from church history to Luther's Small Catechism to various books of the Bible.  The discussion is always lively, the treats are always delicious, and the welcome is always warm.