REDEEMER BOY & Girl Pioneers

Lutheran Boy and Girl Pioneers is a Christ-centered program available to boys and girls through congregations within the fellowship of the WELS and ELS. Its' mission is to "reach out to and nurture the youth of the world with the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ."  Founded in the realm of time to serve the timeless Christ, this program of ministry to our youth is led by dedicated men and women of our congregations. Our regular meeting time is from 3:00-5:00 pm every third Sunday of the month.

Pinewood Derby - April 2017

MARCH 2017 BOY PIONEER Spring campout


In February, we hiked near Picture Rocks, AZ and explored some small desert canyons and washes. Not much wildlife was observed, but the steep and rocky hills filled with cactus are always beautiful to observe. The Pioneers spent the hike climbing up the igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic large rocks, which are situated throughout the initial pass. Eventually, the group made it to some petroglyphs (the “picture rocks”).

January 2017 Meetings

Girl Pioneers studied sign-language during their January meeting.

Boy Pioneers continued building up towards our spring campout. Previous lessons included hiking, ropes/knots, and camping safety. We continued our lessons on camp tool safety specifically, knife safety. We also water-proofed matches and practiced rolling up sleeping bags, which can be harder than you think when using 30 year old mummy-bags.

Sabino Canyon Day Hike, December 2016

Redeemer White Mountains Camp Out, June 2016