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Christians naturally want to share.  Technology has made it easy for Christians to contribute in a regular, planned, and proportional way (1 Corinthians 16:1-2).  By selecting the option on the right, you can support the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus at Redeemer.  This online tool is simple to use, flexible, and completely secure.

Click here to use online giving for your offering or school payements

Click here to use online giving for your offering or school payements

Raytheon Matching Gifts Program

If you are a Raytheon employee, you may be interested to know that Raytheon matches charitable donations to eligible public and private, elementary and secondary schools, community colleges and universities, up to $10,000 per employee per year.  This amount marks a double of the previous $5,000 per employee per year match.  Both Redeemer Lutheran School in Tucson and Arizona Lutheran Academy in Phoenix are registered in Raytheon's system.

You may access the Raytheon matching program HERE.  To enter the site, employees will need to input their Directory Services login ID and password.  This site can also be accessed from work behind the firewall.  Since Redeemer Lutheran School, Tucson, is already registered in the system, the employee needs only to select "Submit a New Request" and enter "Redeemer Lutheran School" for the charity name, and Tucson, AZ for the location.  The search will return Redeemer Lutheran Church, 8845 N. Silverbell Road as the search results.  The instructions for submitting a donation are on the resulting pages.

It is typically best to submit the match to Principal Peek or Secretary Sally Rozon.  They will assist you to complete a few paperwork items necessary to acknowledge the gift.

ACSTO Program


The ACSTO program is an easy way to take advantage of Arizona's tuition tax credit laws.  An individual or family who owes taxes to the state of Arizona can designate their entire tax bill to be contributed to Redeemer Lutheran School, or a specific Redeemer student.  To participate in the program, visit their website.

Every financial and tax situation is different.  So, we've posted a complete list of frequently asked questions in an attempt to fully inform you of the benefits of the program.  The ACSTO program is vital to the health of our church and school! 

Sample AZ State Tax Forms (If you expect to receive a REFUND.)

Sample AZ State Tax Forms (If you expect to have to PAY.)


SCRIP Gift Cards are exactly like store gift cards, and the retailer gives Redeemer a percentage of the sale. It's a great way to make your dollar go a little further! Buy scrip gift cards and let your shopping help pay for next year’s tuition. To order, please go to and click on “Family Sign Up.” Enter your user information (including your school or congregation) and click “I Accept” after reading the agreement and privacy policy. Enter ALA’s registration code of 99C4D2751263 to designate Arizona Lutheran Academy as your nonprofit. Sign up for a PrestoPay account following the instructions at To order, purchase online at You may also use your phone or tablet with (You MUST have a PrestoPay account.). Use your ShopwithScrip user name and password to access on your mobile device.

Order ScripNow! or reloads on the computer or via MyScripWallet on your smart phone and receive and use your Scrip instantly.  Questions?  Contact John Mueller (602-268-8686 x13) or email

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