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Key Questions

SWOT Analysis

Redeemer is a member of WELS, a national church body and a worldwide fellowship of believers. One of the many benefits of this fellowship is the large number of resources available to assist with your personal Bible study and devotional life.  The site below offers you those tools.

Do you have questions about Jesus?   Who is he? Why is he important?  The "What About Jesus" website offers a wealth of information for those who are beginning their search. Complete with daily devotions and frequently asked questions, this site is a great place to visit daily. 

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Adult Education

If you're looking for options to deepen your faith, Redeemer offers a variety of spiritual growth choices for adults.  Meet people, study the Bible led by one of our professionally trained pastors, and grow spiritually.  Click the link above to see a menu of choices. 

Youth Education

Redeemer offers a variety of educational opportunities for children and families. Cradle Roll connects with parents of children just born; our Power Hour develops physical, social and spiritual skills.  We also offer preschool, K-8, Sunday School, VBS, teen class, and more.   Click the link for more information.


The Redeemer library/resource center has a number of resources for everybody. If you're new to Christianity, or someone who is looking to do some serious digging in to God's word, Redeemer's library has something for you.